The Voyage Home Minute 27: Probe Chat

March 22, 2019

In which Kirk recommends destroying the Probe, Spock recommends findings some humpback whales, McCoy recommends waiting a damn minute, and we discuss the sequel novel, "Probe"...

The Voyage Home Minute 26: Probe People

March 20, 2019

In which Spock's hunch is correct, McCoy thinks it's all crazy, and Kirk instantly goes into problem solving mode...

The Voyage Home Minute 25: Underwater Filtration

March 18, 2019

In which Uhura runs an underwater simulation of the Traveler's signal, Spock guesses what it is in seconds, and Dave drops some truth bombs...

The Voyage Home Minute 24: Spock: Smartest Man Alive

March 15, 2019


In which we discuss lazy writing, Spock making a lot of assumptions, inspiration from Douglas Adams and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, we continue to make script changes and we once again thank all our patrons…

The Voyage Home Minute 23: Subliminally Sending Messages

March 13, 2019


In which we discuss why President Jones is not just asking for help and instead sending out ecological messages, the editing process in movies, the music is right - for one minute at least, and Chris still not on board with this Spock…

The Voyage Home Minute 22: 23rd Century Static

March 11, 2019


In which we discuss whether or not the message sent by President Jones is actually a distress call, if the Klingons and Romulans are listening in, whether Earth is a vacation destination, and Chris wants the Space Dock to come crashing down…

The Voyage Home Minute 21: President Jerky

March 8, 2019


In which we discuss how this cloud coverage works, what does a display officer do, why Cartwright panics and goes to planetary reserves so quickly, we thank our patrons and we pay homage to Leonard Nimoy…

The Voyage Home Minute 20: Strangers on the Bridge

March 6, 2019


In which we discuss whether Spock is really ready for duty, McCoy's sick burns, time lapse b-roll clouds, the difference between typhoons and hurricanes and Dave's first Disney reference...

The Voyage Home Minute 19: The Evil Pumpkins

March 4, 2019


In which we start the Spock and McCoy Show, discuss the beginning of the "wessel" joke, gripe about Uhura, and wonder about the intricacies of air traffic controlling in space...

The Voyage Home Minute 18: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Spacedock

March 1, 2019


In which it's lights out for Spacedock, we take a closer look at the stranded starships, the Whale Probe arrives at Earth and we learn its name...